NGO Donates to The Gambia

6 september 2007, 11:04

Niek Waterschoot (voorzitter van Stichting Sanchabba) nam als “Police Expert” deel aan onderstaand project:
The Consul General of The Gambia in The Netherlands, Mr. Bert Plusquin led a delegation of “The Netherlands – The Gambia Foundation” to The Gambia. The Foundation, among other activities, is executing projects in tourism “furthering quality tourism”, social welfare, rehabilitation, children’s activities, etc. Members of the Dutch delegation includes; Teus Kamphorst, board member of the Foundation, Ria Akkersdijk of Friesland College, Frank Vos, Peter van Markus, Wim Meeldijk and Ben Kolvenbach. Others are Tourism Police Expert, Niek Waterschoot and his assistant, Jo Akkermans. Suzanne Plusquin, an admirer of The Gambian People was at hand to witness the activities.

During the visit, there was an elaborate ceremony for the hand over of the items donated to The Gambian people by the Dutch Foundation. Present at the ceremony were five Gambia government ministers, various media outfits and many spectators.

On the area of social welfare, three brand new Toyota vehicles and sixty personal computer units was presented. The ministry of Tourism received eleven new scooter motocycles (with helmets, blue flsh light and mobile phone) and an equiped police van. The Ministry of Justice received two police utility vans for general use Through the social welfare scheme being administered by the Foundation to The Gambian people; vocational training was intergrated in the package. In this, an understanding was reached that the skill acqisition will be managed and supervised by the Gambian people after some period.

Rehabilitation project: The Minister of Health, Dr. Tamsir Mbowe gave his disapproval for relocation of the rehabilitation project, originally marked to take off at The Royal Victoria Hospital in Banjul. The new location of the project will be in a new hospital Junkung. Arrangements are concluded in The Netherlands for the shippment of the rehabilitaion equipment to The Gambia. Tourism sector received further boost with thirty four copies of “Hotel Classification Standards for The Gambia”. The document, prepared by Wim Leicher, would guarantee smoth hotel classification process. The classification process will be aided by two Gambian employees of The Gambian Authority who will be trained for that. Tourism Police: The choice for scooter motocycles in place of usual police motor bikes is because scooters are not immediately associated with the “excercise of power”. They have more friendly appearance. Further training earmarked for the tourist police in the areas of assisting tourists in distress situation etc. Niek Waterschoot trained twenty future tourist policemen on procedures and ways of assistin a tourist.

The Gambia Hotel School
Recently, the Friesland College in Leeuwarden decided to assist The Gambia to realise a qualified Hotel school. Ria Akkersdijk of Friesland College engage the stake holders in this area into fruitful delibrations on this. Friesland College pledged to support the project by equiping the library, kitchen and engaging in students exchange study programmes.

To crown the activities, certificates were awarded to two Gambian trainees who did a course at World Leisure International Centre of Excellence at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Exchange of students from both countries was also agreed upon while cooperation in the area of arts and culture is being delibrated.

Bron: The Voice News Magazine

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